Motor Repair department

The mechanics at TN Electric are prepared to repair motors up to 2,500 Hp and larger. With a specialty in 3 phase motors, we can repair or replace motors of all shapes and sizes.


Motor testing system

Every motor that TN Electric repair are tested on site for quality assurance. Our machine is rated for motors upwards of 2,500 Hp no load and 600 hp full load. With our advanced machines, we can assure you that every motor leaves much better than it came in.


Winding department

Our winding experts have been in the field for decades and have countless years of experience to assure your windings are done correctly the first time. After winding the motor in house, we go through all the necessary steps to dip and test your motor. This process will result in a fresh motor which runs better than brand new.


machining department

By machining parts in house, TN Electric can ensure precision with highly trained machinists. Our lathes are industrial quality and can alter motors of a large range of sizes.